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Little Legends Organization

Be Legendary

Little Legends is designed to bridge the gap between domestic and international athletes. Little Legends focuses on skills to become a well rounded player and provides basketball mentoring to all youth players. We work with players of all ages. We work to help younger athletes boost their self-esteem, improve their team work, practice self-discipline and enhance their basketball skills.

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Little Legends holds mental health clinics to put the players under a variety of game like stressors to see how the players react. Once a players weaknesses are identified we work on growing those areas of the game and prepare them to handle these stressors better on and off the court. 



Our goal is to provide applied sports psychology workshops that will consist of various evidence based applied techniques. Little Legends workshop curriculum will include topics such as controlled and rhythmic breathing, imagery techniques, acculturation to the sports environment, positive pep talks, stress reduction skills, game-time pressure management and ways of promoting positive attitudes towards competition.


Little Legends holds fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds to assist in holding free to low cost basketball instruction through clinics and workshops for underserved children and youth, ages 8 - 24.   

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